By merely looking at ONYX you find its comfortable and yet modern qualities.

Precision and delicacy in design along with conveying a sense of coziness and grace have been the goals of creating this collection.

ONYX is made of art, comfort and technology combined with the highest quality and standards that ensure its longevity.



The design of BALLOON is inspired by the delicate ripples in a pond and flying balloons in the sky that foretell a journey into the wilderness.

The extensive detail of this collection carries a captivating and luxurious appearance.

Make ready to greet the breathtaking beauty of nature.



A modern and minimalist style; endowed with Canadian oak wood, OTTO harmonizes a soulful image in your house.

The oak wood brings a luxurious and elegant look to this collection.

OTTO is a complete set of wooden products, including tables, bed sets, consoles, etc. which will completely satisfy your home’s needs.


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